29 January 2015

tossing off.....big time

Last season was all about large scale glass....looks like this year's trend
is going to be 1:1 scale vintage ships...

Paul steadies the strut for Simon whilst Adolf checks for paragliders

12 January 2015

fe fe fe fe fe fridaaaay!

Team Turnigy in attendance...

Eric takes up the challenge of 'Man vs Glider' with a sprint
down the strip to see if he can beat a full size from Challock
on a low pass. Full size just pips him to the line as shown in this photo-finish. 

Foxy coming in for a touchdown

Charlie, a little worried it may scamper off into the bushes, shuffle steps up
to the Fox hoping it won't notice him getting closer

meanwhile Alan tests out his flap servo mounts against air resistance....

....and ground resistance

Simon's mid size ASG on finals....


and a instant, feline pounce is his favoured capture approach.

Here comes Eric.....or at least here come his ASH 26. Let's see how this
seasoned citizen of the slope prefers to immobilise his roosting aironautical

ahhh! the ASH 26 is a carnivore, so with the wisdom of age Eric takes a wide tangential
line prior to swiftly getting the muzzle on it from the rear.

10 January 2015

a year further on....

From the archives, a day from this time last year. Can't quite remember what happened, so feel free to make up your own story line involving grown men, rubber and long stiff things.... 

a higher calibre of rubberiness


The TVSF chaps brought some nice kit along....

 pristine Ellipse

pristine Luna

Gulp DS 2 (just in-case you were wondering)

Wabbit tucked up and toasty in its survival blanket.
It didn't think much of the choppy air atop Castle Hill.

 '28 went well though

 Jim (blue overalls, wetsuit and snorkel) waits expectantly for the forecast rain,
meanwhile Eric (right) sports a fur lined willy warmer to help stave off the chill.

07 January 2015

Happy New Year

An inauspicious start to the New Year sees the Goodwind data banks infected with a virus.

As a result, there now follows a short intermission....

It is hoped that normal service will be resumed shortly.
Failing that, volunteers will be required to help launch my PC off Beachy Head.

11 December 2014

scraping the bowl

Birthday celebrations in the Goodwind hanger....

Ms Thunderflies' scratch built wing, mainly starch / glucose / lipids composite construction.
Maiden ended with a successful belly landing.

Without a doubt, the most useful birthday gift
 for years.....Diamond tape is a sloper's best friend.

Just to clarify.....that is actually a finger.

02 December 2014

In memory of...

Sad times.....the 'Hols' is no longer with us, and flying
opportunities have gone the same way. Let's reminisce with
some images from our recent past when all was different....  

The vintage beauty in her final hours 

hmmmm! balsa, fabric and sunlight; food for the soul.

The Hols and her maker, little did we know she would
soon meet her maker.....for good!

perhaps the pilot's lack of digital dexterity was to blame?

Alas we shall draw a veil over the ending and enjoy
her in completeness

meanwhile the birds have the right idea
and bugger off for the winter

we watch them with envy as dew forms on Solarfilm

Duke's not fussed, the long evenings mean more
opportunities for the most time consuming phase of
the build/crash/repair cycle

Back at the cars, Mark also has repairs on his mind.
However it turns out that the Ebay spray gun / compressor
bargain of the century's former life was in a tanning salon.
Come next season, all his scalies will be glowing
a healthy pastel shade of 'Tango' to aid visibility at altitude.

21 November 2014

Dear Santa...

Constantly drawing a blank when asked what you want for Winterval?

Slope side attire need updating?

A quick Browse on Ebay finds the solution for you!...

...and for the remaining 364 sloping days a year when just a t-shirt
isn't enough on the hill, this bloke does hoodies too.

20 November 2014

flying famine

It's just not happening at the moment is it!
Maybe now's a good time to catch up on that backlog of aero-modelling literature....

14 November 2014

x-rated x-c

Deep from the archives we find Mr Phil Taylor attempting a cross country jaunt to Hollingbourne. The 'Goodies' inspired transport initially seemed like a stoke of genius, however it appears at least one of his spotters can concentrate on nothing except Mrs Goodwind getting her leg over.