22 November 2015

knocking one out

That pinnacle of current affairs journalism 'The One Show' reports
on something close to all out hearts.
Click on the green text, only available for 27 days from 19th November.

The action starts about 13 minutes in....

27 October 2015


Soaring the last of the autumn warmth in previously uncharted sloping territory.

Full report to follow.....

18 October 2015

Duke's hard work...

slope soaring shadow

A strange object passes over....asteroid? very rapid cloud? cloaked enemy vessel?...you decide!

17 October 2015

as flagged up by Mr Ellison....

(hopefully you'll be able to view this even if you're not on facebook....)

Posted by Samuel Lee on Saturday, October 17, 2015

11 October 2015

wye bother?

The onset of man-flu puts pay to any Sunday afternoon DIY. Instead the decision is made to career down the country lanes to
Wye Downs in a fug of Night Nurse vs. nasal cavity emissions, to catch sight of  Vulcan bomber XH 588 on her farewell tour. 

Seems at least 50 other locals have the same idea (minus the DIY dodging man-flu).
Eyes right for a small gathering of the Plymouth Brethren arriving
to enjoy the sight of a machine solely designed and built to unleash the ultimate
 in indiscriminate destruction upon one's fellow human being.

...and there she goes! The beautifully framed 5 seconds of low pass loveliness prior to this
have been forever lost to the camcorder operatives's
over-medicated dumb thumb delay on the 'start' button.

As she disappears in a trail of green-house gas emissions worthy of a VW Golf diesel leaving the MOT test centre, it can't help but be said that it's such a shame that the wind wasn't a firm south westerly. We know of at least 2 PSS Vulcans
that could have taken part in a synchronised display to honour the old girl

Though it seems that Ashford's finest are more interested in mutual geek spotting.

28 September 2015

....are a million to one he said!

an alien invader lurks upon the hillside... 

we're drawn to its exposed carbon loveliness

 'it's very easy to fly, right for right, left for left' etc etc

'it's even got it very own moulded carbon, front bottom flange'

it comes complete with two trannies...

three batteries...

and the obligatory builder's bum.

It handles the blustery conditions without a problem. Eric has
a twiddle on the sticks and confirms its well mannered autonomy.

Strangley though, the youth of today are more interested in playing
cowpat Frisbee and watching Mark get his big one fully erect.

which he manages like a true pro!

'Is that dog poo?' (sniff sniff) 

meanwhile the Inspire watches and waits, ready for the
day when machines will rule the earth....

18 September 2015

paint the whole world

As everyone knows, you would normally expect to find gold at the end of the rainbow.
However in certain geographical locations the end of the multicoloured arc marks substantial
deposits of lead, balsa and fag-ends that have been laid down over the decades.

10 September 2015

Spotted in Germany (well almost) 2015 3rd installment

Stopping off in Belgium to fill up and stock up
with essentials....greeted by this sight
in the sky directly above the service station

Back home, confirm the location using the receipt.....

...and cross reference with the registration on this ASH 25E as it leaves
the gaggle low down. Turns out it was a competition weekend; here's
the log from the ASH...

He was down to 71m in the above photo, and to top it all
the flight wasn't valid because his take off wasn't recorded!