17 July 2014

a classic Thurnham evening

A classic summer evening up on the mighty Thurnham.
All scepticism over wind direction is laid to rest when
(at about 5pm) and we are blessed with a decent sou'wester...

scalies at the ready....good 'clocking on / clocking off' air
space time share between us and the paragliders made
for a stress free evening

It's a 90s nostalgia fest.
Pre-launch, Eric inserts something into his bottom.
We're still trying ascertain exactly what is was,
and why he was putting it there.

even the Goodwind camera lens crap was able to make it for the evening

Ray spots a well used handkerchief and immediately sets off
on a full blown homophobic diatribe.

 combine harvester and ASH26

The farmer was good enough to kick off several monster thermals festooned with
so many gulls, it made life difficult keeping an eye on one's model.

ahhhhh! Life is good!!

14 July 2014

spotted in Germany III

what is it you want me to launch?!!!!!

07 July 2014

spotted in Germany II

The last of Europe's blue foam supplies stockpiled in Bremen


spotted in Germany

cardboard scalies aus der fatherland.....

Granau Baby....expect dramatic loss of performance
(and structural integrity) in damp conditions


SG38 cruises down the street and then on through the arched window
(same heads up as per the GB re; moisture) 

03 July 2014

meanwhile in Germany....

was ist das?

varifocal ad hits its target audience (sad, middle aged tossers)

25 June 2014


Off on a jolly down near the sea, light and crossed winds but still plenty
of entertainment to be had....

Many thanks to Terry and Rick for all the hard work organising the event.

23 June 2014

barely legal

Eric's hot on Simon's heels, except he misheard and thought
it was a 'Slope Babies' photo competition. The flip side is that (given
the location) there's every likelihood these two could be entered
into the 'Slope Grandmothers' contest too!

20 June 2014

spotted in Maidstone

Overtaken by a very large scalie (probably 1:1 size or thereabouts) on the M20 coastbound, just north of Maidstone this morning...

I would hazard a guess that it's flown using an on-board organic electro-impulse,
 first person view control system that requires recharging once every 24hrs 

18 June 2014

slope babes 2014

It's that time of year to get your entries in for 'Slope Babes 2014' and look who's in the lead once again!

Though he won't be able to attend the prize giving ceremony in person, cell mate Max Clifford assures us that the video link will be in place so that Simon can give his acceptance speech whilst being detained at Her Majesty's Pleasure.

12 June 2014

lost and found

misplaced something Mr Hornby?