23 June 2015

longest day, oldest hill

The longest day dawns bright and breezy, and gives us the perfect opportunity for
a pilgrimage to the birthplace of uk soaring....Itford Hill!

The first point of note relating to Itford is that you need to issue a road
traffic control order to the local authority if you wish to unload your car and
stand any chance of not being involved in a fatal road traffic incident 

right then, 3 hi-vi jackets, 20 road cones and 1 temporary traffic light system later
we have the models in a safe location ready for rigging

meanwhile Simon hits his emergency inflate button

a quick slash with a scalpel and we're ready
for the hike to base camp...

Then onto the summit. No oxygen required other than to
safely bypass Mark's regularly deposited (night before) chilli-con-carne
 induced bottom burp clouds

Paul gets off to a good start and tries putting 11.1 Volts straight into his 4 cell
nimh pack. The resultant smoke cloud sends the fire brigade out from Newhaven.

no-name new friend takes no prisoners and shows us all how it's done by jumping
straight back into the saddle after a 25 year lay off.
Not with a foamie (you should note) but rather a brand spanking new 3m (plus) scalie!

Pilot's on/off switch it right between his legs.
Could lead to some interesting quarter scale 'shunting'.

Luckily this was the only para-glider of the day

so there was no need to see everything through rose tinted glasses

...or purple tinted Oracover

Mark gets a stirring deep within his soaring soul....

"Right here, this is where it first happened
way back in 1922...." (swirling harp music and fade to...)

those early days set the standard for a landing
technique that Ray has been emulating ever since...

a bit of cyano and fibre tape and we're good to go again!

With Gary's help, we were hoping to emulate this historic event from 1930...

unfortunately Gary was otherwise engaged in a family do, where
he spent the day making polite conversation and trying not
to look longingly at the sky...

...added to that the fact he has sold his Wien,
so we didn't really stand any of a chance to re-enact
the historic event after all.

but that doesn't stop us dreaming........or taking unflattering photographs

or looking at half naked men

or dusting our transmitters

but just look at those cloud streets!

It's time to launch that exotic Y tailed machine and bust
some crazy moves slopeside!

Meanwhile Eric recalls that the actual first gliding event in the UK involved
some landed gentry type bloke trying to tow one of his servants into
the air with nothing more than an oversized kite. Perhaps we'll
report back from the location of that piece of history this time next year....

06 June 2015

non-return home drone

believed to be roosting somewhere
in spring's dense undergrowth...

29 May 2015

an art or just a hobby?

It's not often you see something from the Arthobby stable gracing our slopes. Recently though, two specimens appeared from out of the east to revel in the moderate conditions.

owner says their preferred hunting grounds are
Botany Bay and Reculver

it's about time that varnished wood wings
made a comeback

photos in no way do the wing finish justice

owner used sanding sealer followed by a Halfords spray lacquer-
a final polish with rubbing compound resulted in a sheen akin to a mouldie

19 May 2015

sun, saturday and spring

It's a white planes day up on the hallowed turf, shall we see what's afoot?

white planes..... 

David gets Colin's Flamingo off to a good start 

many a divot has been replaced, though (we hasten to add) not
by the modelling fraternity.

Cowslip like never before tints the Downs
with a haze of yellow

Simon with the Nimbus on finals...

ground loops de rigueur with 7 metres of high aspect ratio whiteness 

It's a beauty, despite the requirement for a few additional tweaks 

Mark's moment of touch down

this year's slope chic; matching M&S sweaters....

Nerd gun ammo; someone's obviously been hoping to
take out a few of the resident sloperists 

25 April 2015

below clag level

Visiting deepest Dorset on business.....be rude not to have a quick fly wouldn't it?
full report to follow....

08 April 2015

bee bop alula...

First 'Alula TREK' kits are being dispatched to reviewers-

Could this be the ultimate 'take / fly anywhere' rc glider?  Will the new nose stay attached for more than the first 7 discus launches? Will it recapture Matty B's heart after the Evo tore out and urinated on his hunk-a-hunk-a-burnin' love for the Mk 01? These and many more questions to be answered by the new 'Alula TREK' boldly soaring a hill, thermally flat field or urban sloping site somewhere near you soon!

31 March 2015

good weather's a comin'

It's now officially spring, so with the promise of another fine British summer just
around the corner, let's relive a few previously unpublished highlights from last year...  

With the thought of glorious sunshine
and thermals, Mark prematurely shoots his filthy load
(of ill applied sun cream)

Paul out on the pull (by Pete)

...and aren't we all looking forward to seeing the sun shine through
the wings of Eric's elegant 'Silent Dream'?

Probably not because that'll mean firstly- there's no wind,
and secondly- he's the only one of us airborne! 

Simon had the vertebrae in his neck surgically removed to allow
sufficient head clearance for launching Mark's ASG

Mark then attempted to non-surgically remove the hide from a cow
on this landing approach. 

Luckily for the cow, he'd greased the underside of his fuz just that very morning.

Make haste for the cow shed....that is if Paul
and his bovine belle aren't still busy in there!